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The Economic Crisis

The economic crisis engineered by the wizards of wall street, and sanctioned by their Washington DC lap dogs has very serious, and dire consequences for the American people, and for America as a Nation and as the leader of the free world. These looting bandits, who engineered this economic crisis, broke down the underpinnings of our economic and financial system which is called capitalism, and they are routinely destroying it, destroying capitalism and quickly introducing socialism to deal with the mess (crisis) they created : causing the shift of economic power from the west, The United state of America to the east, the peoples Republic of China. Those underpinning, the safeguard of capitalism has to be restored to its original state and design. For a complete and permanent economic recovery American people needs to know the truth, before it starts affecting our national security more profoundly than it already has with the election Barack Obama; the first anti-American president, the first let’s-blame-America-first president Whose goal and strategy is to diminish America, weaken our military by unilateral disarmament and transformational depletion of our national wealth and reserve, through incurring burdensome debt obligation and willful irresponsible wasteful spending and exorbitant heavy taxation of the so called rich, and business corporations to permanently stifle our national economic growth, expansion and prosperity. America needs to know the truth. We are in a fight. We are in a fight to save America, to save capitalism and protect us from the disaster of socialism which is fast approaching unless the architects of the crisis, the plotting looters are exposed. American people must know the truth to compel the elected officials to act and do the right thing if there are any grown ups left in Washington. Are there any America champions left out there? We need to elect some grown ups and America champions to control the congress and the senate, and the white house.

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